Fact: Pilipino lang ang pwedeng manalo sa bilyar.

FatBoy 10-Ball Challenge 2010 in Indiana, United States

1st Place: Efren "Bata" Reyes

2nd Place: Brandon Shuff
3rd Place: Francisco “Django” Bustamante

efren reyes, efren bata reyes, filipino billiard player, billiard champion, greatest billiard player, the magician, 10 ball challenge, pool playerAng pinaka cute na bata sa buong mundo!

Billiards [bil-yerdz] : any of several games played with hard balls of ivory or of a similar material that are driven with a cue on a cloth-covered table enclosed by a raised rim of rubber, where Filipinos are expected to win every tournament and other countries compete for the 2nd place.

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