Ano kamo?

Hugot galing sa -GMANews.TV - Monday, February 22
Estrada also insists the street uprising that put Mrs. Arroyo, who was her vice-president, in power was a mistake. "We are commemorating EDSA Uno [on February 22-25], but why are we ashamed of EDSA Dos? Dahil mali kasi (Because it was wrong)," the deposed leader said. reacts

Sir Joseph "Erap para sa mahirap" Estrada, eto yan...
The reason why we commemorate EDSA Uno, and don't think much about EDSA Dos, is not because the latter was a "mistake". The people are NOT ONLY considering who got ousted. The Filipinos are also looking at WHO REPLACED the "respectably ousted ones".

When the people got rid of former Pres. Marcos, he was replaced by a respected woman; The beloved Corazon "Tita Cory" Aquino. On the other hand, Sir, you were replaced by... well, you get the point.

"And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!"