A purpose driven ad.

As we were about to update the MgaEpal.com page on facebook, we noticed yet another 2010 presidential candidate's face on the sidebar of the fan page. We, and every "Facebooking" Filipino, has been made familiar with the recent barrage of "self promoting" schemes by presidentiables on Facebook, and so we thought that this particular "advertisement" on the sidebar was once again another one of those. As we read the headline on the ad, our eyebrows were drawn closer to each other, and all four MgaEpal.com authors had question marks written all over their faces.

It was no "Facebook political ad campaign". Someone had actually made (and paid) for an advertisement on facebook to publicize Noynoy Aquino's not-so-positive writeup by nytimes.com.

Obviously, this "Facebook ad" was executed with a very specific purpose. But what was it? And by who?

Could it have been done by Manny Villar's camp, as an attempt to get into the lead as far as surveys/polls are concern?

Could it have been done by the Joseph Estrada camp, as to lower Noynoy's credibility to 3rd place or worse, and to place "Erap" on the top 2 spots?

Could it have been done by Jamby Madrigal, who is known for "exposing" and publicizing the shortcomings of other candidates?

Could it have been done by any other presidential candidate who hopes that those Noynoy supporter's that get's rattled by the New York Times' take on Noynoy, see them as their alternate choice?

Or could it have been done by a citizen who decided to drop a budget to advertise his/her own personal dislike for Noynoy, using the nytimes.com article to back it up?

As we've said, this was executed with a specific purpose, yet we know not what... we know not by who.


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