For the fourth gift of Christmas gave to me...

 "Flipside Christmas"

The world is on Christmas  feast on the 25th of December
But in our homeland we begin Christmas in September
We shop for ourselves when we get our Christmas bonus tips
Then we buy something cheaper for our office party "exchange gifts"

We are happy people, but happier on a Holiday
Because we don't have to work, but we still get the pay
Christmas is spending season for Filipinos, you see
We buy things we don't need, even if we don't have much money

Shopping malls are packed, so always guard your pocket
While we shop for gifts, others try to steals our wallet
Malls play music and we can enjoy Christmas songs while we shop
But after two hours we just want them to fuc*ing stop

Kids on the streets are in groups and caroling
Sometimes we give them coins just to make them stop singing
This is not a good Christmas poem, but remember our motto
Because this is a Christmas gift, so it's the thought that counts gago