"The Black Hole"

video tinimbre ni aiko joel viardo sa Tip Box

MgaEpal.com Authors' Interpetation:
The "black hole" represents power and opportunity. Some of us who suddenly gets hold of power, especially a great one, are mostly overwhelmed of the opportunities it presents that we succumb to greed. We then try to push the limits of a given power, so we can gain access to bigger rewards. In each success it brings us, we feel more invulnerable and untouchable, making us uncontrollable. We then neglect all the risks, thinning the line between right and wrong. Never considering that the power might just be on a loan, we begin to rely on it solely, and when time comes that we lose that power, we fall even more helpless than before we had it. Left to handle a greater dilemma brought upon by our abuse of power... Making us incapable of doing anything at all.

Pasensaya na, nakainom lang.