"Brain Dead"

MgaEpal.com reaction: This video was too disturbing, even for us. We did not want this to be posted on our site because one of our goal is to entertain people. But making people aware about relevant issues is much important for us. This is a very disturbing video that was sent to our email with a request for our reaction. Many aspects should be considered before dropping judgement. The only acceptable excuse for walking around while 2 human beings are fatally injured and down on the floor is if they pose any threats to other people's safety. Did the boy who fired the shots (boy in white), still had the gun in his hand? What happened after this 3 minute video? Many will think of it as SM (the mall) neglecting to act immediately. In our opinion, the blame is not solely on the mall (SM company). Very few people would have done something right away to try and save these boys. It is the harsh reality of how people behave when situated in moments like this. No one wants to get involved with tragedy.

The 2 boys did not survive this incident and was declared as brain dead after doctors tried to save their lives. If we remain only as bystanders every time something like this happens, then we should just consider ourselves brain dead as well.

video emailed by Marielle