Galaw Pak Yow

"Pak Yow" by Prison Dancer

"Pakyu" by
Wil da big payt eber hapen bitwin Pakyaw and Mayweder
Ployd is gibing all his bulsyet, Manny answers wit "wat eber"
Pipol want to see da payt, wat da pak mader paker?
We salute you Ployd Meyweder wit the mighty middle pinger. 

Pakyu! Pakyu! Pakyu! Pakyu! (repeat 2 times)

Manny has "Manny Many Prizes", Ployd has meny meny ekskyuses
Manny has jab, straight, and hook, Ployd has chuk, chak, and cheness
Pacquiao rili wants to payt, he olredy agreed to eny test
Wave your middle pingers in da air if Ployd still das not sey yes

Pakyu! Pakyu! Pakyu! Pakyu! (repeat 347 times)

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