Taylor Kitsch thinks that Indonesia is in the Philippines.

Recently, Taylor Kitsch, the actor known to viewers of Friday Night Lights, told David Letterman a story of his unpleasant moment in the Philippines.

David Letterman's mention of Kitsch filming a movie in the Philippines tilted the actor towards telling the story of his unfortunate yet a bit funny encounter with a customs officer in the Philippines. Kitsch was injecting some humor to it, Letterman was enjoying the story, the studio audience was laughing, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. But the "punchlines" came after the interview... when people found out that Taylor Kitsch's unpleasant moment actually happened in Indonesia and NOT the Philippines. 

Filipinos became enraged and blasted their hate-filled reactions towards Kitsch for not correcting Letterman's statement that he was filming in the Philippines. 

It has been a couple of days since the incident yet no apology was given by Kitsch. And just a few minutes ago, before writing this article, MgaEpal.com discovered that CBS uploaded the video of the said interview on YouTube. The disappointing part about it is that they also misinformed people by saying that Kitsch story happened in the Philippines. The video description still hasn't been changed until posting time of this article.

credit: CBS logo na hindi namin alam kung mata o utong hugot [dito]

Dear CBS, correct this shit.