On the 29th of March, in the year 2083 the people of Earth would find out that their world has reached its expiration date. A sudden increase of gravitational pull attracts heavenly bodies outside the atmosphere towards Earth that sends the planet to its doom. Man, woman and child was all helplessly unprepared. Rich and poor was equally uncertain if they would have another chance to see tomorrow. Countries that had the manpower and wealth to prepare for such a disaster had produced space vessels. They gathered their politicians, scientists, along with men and women known for their great minds, and transported them to Mars. There, they began to colonize and build a new civilization. Struggling nations that had no means of producing vessels for the relocation to Mars had no choice but to stay and await their final hour. Seven days past before the sky stopped falling. Mountains were pulverized to rocks and marbles. The sea level has drastically risen engulfing islands in the west. Continents were rearranged. Centuries of human civilization was now left as fragments of stone and debris. After the catastrophe that seemed like a planetary demolition, only a few stand witness to the aftermath. Only one race had enough survivors to rebuild a civilization. And only one man can lead them to the truth about what happened. In the planet renamed... Planet Philippines.

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(Chapter 1 to be released soon)